Nobody said it was easy

Everyday I'm learning. Everyday I'm making the same and not the same mistakes. I'm just trying to enjoy this horrible, phenomenal, disgusting, amazingly-flabbergasting thing called LIFE; while still working to become my ideal person.

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Anonymous asked: what's your type of girl like?


My girlfriend, she’s perfect in every way of my “expectations” but I don’t expect perfection. 

The way she makes me feel is like no other, and I can promise you that. 

I met her weeks ago when I was put in mental rehabilitation for suicide watch, I was in outpatient care from morning to late afternoon, I met her my first day there and she made me not go insane being locked in a room all day with nothing to do. 

We secretly held hands because “boundaries” is a huge thing in the hospital I was in. We passed notes like elementary / early middle school kids would usually do.

I asked her out one day, and she said yes there in the hospital to me. 

We hung out, outside of the hospital after we were both discharged. She slept over, and I have never felt so comfortable with a girl in my life.

Not even in a sexual way, but in general when I lay next to her I feel like I’m at home, and safe in my skin. I can be naked next to her under covers and not be ashamed if she sees any parts of my body. 

She’s so shy, but she’s also so fucking outgoing. She has a cute little smile, and the perfect kiss.

And waking up to her face every weekend makes me feel so happy that someone is there.


now i gotta deal with a whole extra year of leo oscar jokes thanks obama

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